chevalier dinner


Baked Brie with Grilled Peach Compote Platter
Toasted Brioche

Saturday Lunch

Country Pate and Charcuterie
Pate, mostarda di fruita, prosciutto, fig, grilled bread

Coquilles St Jacque
Diver Scallop, Whipped Potato, Bechamel, Gruyere

Fava Bean Farotto- Foraged Mushroom 
Farotto, Oyster Mushroom, Fava Bean, Celery Leaf

Chicken Roasted Grapes Pistachio 
Citrus and Thyme Roast Chicken, Roasted Grapes, Pistachio, Wilted Greens

Saturday Dinner

Rillette Trio Rectangle
Rabbit, Duck, Pork, Wild Plum, Carte de Musica

Mille Feuille Aux Champions
Sherry Braised Mushroom, Parmesan Cracker, Truffle Whipped Cream

Sea Bass
Sous Vide Bass, Brule’ed Kabocha Squash, Gremolata

Seared Duck Breast
Melted Leeks Glazed Carrots, Blackberry Gastrique

Beef Bourguignon

Appetizers Part Deux

Cheeses and Stone Fruit Platter

Mushroom Truffle Pudding Bite Platter

Sunday Lunch

Lentil Nicoise
Baby Spinach, Roasted Fingerling Potato, Sweet 100’s Tomato, Du Puy Lentil, Nicoise Olives, Duck Egg, Caper Berries

Maine Lobster Roll with Pomme Frite
Poached Maine Lobster, Celery Confit, Aioli, Brioche

Sous Vide Rabbit Loin
Rabbit, Micro Vegetables, Celery Root

Pork Confit with Lingonberry and Japanese Pumpkin

Sunday Dinner

Foie Gras Torchon
Grilled Palisade Peach Salsa, Foie, Jurassic Salt, Toasted Brioche

Spot Prawn, Romanesco and Cauliflower Gratin


Speck Wrapped Monkfish in Red Wine Sauce Savoy Spinach

Slow Roasted Veal Breast with Fregola and Frise Family Style

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